User data storage is the area of the Google android file system in which apps retail outlet persistent application data. It provides information including app adjustments, preferences, and media bluetooth controller android games content. The positioning where you save your user data depends on your preferences and can be external (such simply because an SECURE DIGITAL card) or perhaps internal.

Determine which data you need to retailer and how very much space it requires. For instance , you should use internal storage when your app shops data that shouldn’t be available from other applications and that ought not to become visible to the user.

For the purpose of structured data, you can save it in a repository. This makes sure that the data will stay consistent across your application and devices if the product is offline.

Keep your customer data personal and safeguarded

When saving sensitive individual data, you should think of encrypting this for making it privately owned to the iphone app and to an individual. Auth0 supplies a secure cloud-based storage method for this type of info, or you are able to use your personal custom database.

Maintaining individual data about different gadgets

If you have a great app designed to work on multiple devices, a reliable approach to preserve your user’s data and choices is to conserve them in an internal storage space directory. This is especially significant if your app is used by a large number of people.

Automatically backing up app data for re-installation or substitution

For apps targeting Android 6. 0 and bigger, Android products automatically back up all software data. That is done without you producing any additional code and does not count up against your individual Google Drive sampling.