You’d think she knows the personality traits that come along with marrying a dude like Axe. All stories around her on Billions are a waste of time imo. He had a career .340 batting average, .632 slugging average, and a .447 on base average. In 1939, he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and was the first MLB player to have his uniform number retired by a team. Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter books or films will know that Dolores Umbridge is a half-blood witch who is a sinister Ministry bureaucrat and one-time Hogwarts teacher.


Attorney’s office is Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Connerty. A tough, idealistic lawyer from a modest background, Connerty admires Chuck and shares his zeal for righting wrongs. In fact, Connerty’s commitment to justice may exceed his boss’s. A hungry young Assistant DA, Kate Sacker boasts an ivy-league pedigree and lofty ambitions toward public service. Her mentor Bryan Connerty recognizes that Sacker’s smarts and social access make her the most valuable member of his team — and a woman he’d like to know better. is an unofficial non-profit fan site that is in no way affiliated with Damian Lewis or his management.

  • This pattern started with his father who he bears the greatest hatred for.
  • She really serves no purpose, She only has scenes with Bobby, and a few with wendy, She is cut off from the real action of the story and the other actors, – she’s like a filler character.
  • ‘ How Matt Hancock and Priti Patel shared stories of heavy-handed police…

Despite losing $15 million in the Lehman investment and living a lavish lifestyle full of cocaine and hard-partying, Wags earned a $9 million bonus from Axe during year-end. But Lara’s role in Bobby’s life diminished significantly last season. The fact that Lara announced that if he got arrested, she’d move herself and the kids to California probably didn’t help. Aside from Wendy and Wags , Bobby can’t vent about his professional woes to anyone. And as of the season 4 premiere, it appears as if Bobby is composed of entirely professional concerns. Last season tracked the dissolution of Bobby and Lara’s once strong marriage.

Bharara’s 2013 prosecution of manager Steven A. Cohen of S.A.C. Capital Advisors loosely influenced the first season, while Salomon Brothers’ 1991 manipulation of U.S. The series also interweaves subplots with Wendy Rhoades , a psychiatrist turned performance coach, Taylor Mason , a market analyst, and Mike “Wags” Wagner , Axelrod’s right-hand man. Bobby’s biggest problem, and the biggest detriment to his character, is his need to always be in control and his obsession with loyalty. These indicate some level of narcissism, and while he is aware of it, he is often incapable of letting things go. He vindictively and ruthlessly guts anyone who strikes out on their own after working under his banner, going as far as he can to ensure they will never be a threat to him again.

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Billions | What Is Power Worth? | Season 1

When Bobby points out the flaws in her business, she just gets angry and ignores his valuable input. Due to his immense wealth, Axe tries to recruit Andalov to raise capital for his hedge fund. Andolov agrees at first, putting Axe in an advantageous position.

Great measures have been taken by the writers to equate Bobby’s life with that of Steven Cohen, a prominent New York hedge fund manager and owner of the New York Mets. That kind of money would change anybody’s life, but in Lara’s case, she leaves behind a lower-class upbringing and career as a nurse to live an ultra-decadent lifestyle of extreme wealth. Lara’s major character arc is part of what makes her one of the best characters on Billions. Considering Oscar’s real-life counterparts, a billion-dollar valuation for Langstraat is actually on the conservative side. As an angel investor who turns small companies into behemoth corporations, Oscar’s immense wealth could play a key factor in season 6. Thought to be a composite of real-life investors Peter Thiel and Stewart Butterfield, Oscar Langstraat is a billionaire venture capitalist from Silicon Valley who yanks his funds from Axe Capital in season 5.


“We both come from modest means and learned to navigate a different social realm,” Akerman said. “For Lara, it’s high society, and for me it’s Hollywood.” Her character has also learned the value of being able to adapt to her moneyed new environment. “She is a survivor and has become a chameleon who can shift to fit into any situation, whether it be dinner with the queen or pizza with her friends back in Inwood,” Akerman said.

Similar to Lara Axelrod – Billions (

If the season 4 premiere is any indication, the Axelrods are no more. It will be interesting to see how people react to her because of the things she does to protect her family and the business she’s built. As an actor, when you slip into your wardrobe, you feel more like the character. It’s important to feel true to the person you have created. It is how we present ourselves to the world, how we want to be seen.

These days everyone is so worried about PC backlash – it feels like they’re just giving her more power/scenes to have more female-centric storylines. She really serves no purpose, She only has scenes with Bobby, and a few with wendy, She is cut off from the real action of the story and the other actors, – she’s like a filler character. If it weren’t for Bobby’s unfathomably expensive divorce, he would be twice as rich as he already is. Still, with an estimated $5 billion in holdings across all assets, Bobby is wealthy beyond belief.

‘Billions’ Season 5: What if second half of the installment could reintroduce Lara Axelrod into storyline?

Lara tells Bobby that she’s not going to run away with him, no matter what she said in the past. This was my all-time favorite moment of the shelf in there actually are and tells his wife Lara to get the kids, they’re going to run away. This was my all-time favorite moment of the show from Lara Axelrod. As for Chuck Sr.’s pricey real estate holdings, long-held status on Wall Street where he made savvy investments his entire life, a $200 million valuation is more than reasonable. As Bobby’s second in command at Axe Capital, the eminently quotable Mike “Wags” Wagner has a personal stake in the company that has earned him roughly $200 million during his lifetime.

However, Andolov reneged on the deal and invested his money in Taylor Mason capital instead, prompting Chuck to threaten him with legal action. Thanks to the absence of a prenuptial agreement with her husband Bobby Axelrod, Lara was awarded half of his money as part of their divorce settlement. Since Bobby is known to be based on American businessman Steven Cohen, who is said to be worth roughly $11 billion, that puts Lara’s settlement score at $5.5 billion give or take. Chuck Rhoades Sr. is an old-money realtor and New York investor who is seen to own multiple upscale residences on the show. At one point, he bestows his son Chuck Jr. with a $27 million trust fund, indicating that he has money to throw around in spades. Unfortunately, Chuck Jr. squandered the fund on the Ice Juice investment and nearly went bankrupt.

He does so in retaliation of Taylor, his new love interest, who returned to Axe against his wishes. With two separate families to support, Bill hasn’t the same financial luxury as some of the other characters. His low-key demeanor betrays a much more modest financial status, but in one episode it is revealed that he owns a dry cleaning business that launders money. He even stashes large sums of cash for emergencies, something he encourages Taylor to do.

‘Billions’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Victory – Observer

‘Billions’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Victory.

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There are many parallels between how Lara and I were raised. She has this incredible drive to constantly move forward and to prove her place in this world. We also both share this immense sense of family value—regardless of their wealth, Lara and Bobby Axelrod always make time for their children and for one another.

Unfortunately this exact style has now sold out, but click to buy a similar version over at Farfetch. Wear yours with everything from tailored trousers or a leather skirt to ripped boyfriend jeans on dressed down days. She’s pictured here in character in Billions wearing a navy blue blouse with two little swallows on the front. It’s by Stella McCartney and the embroidered motif is an easy way to put an on trend twist on an everyday staple.

  • Initially awarded a $5 million bonus, Bobby doubled the amount to $10 million.
  • Attorney Chuck Rhodes who was portrayed by Paul Giamatti, was somewhat critical of Giamatti’s casting – jokingly referring to the Italian American actor as “noted Indian American actor Paul Giamatti”.
  • It’s the powerful people he isn’t concerned about fucking over.
  • Still, with an estimated $5 billion in holdings across all assets, Bobby is wealthy beyond belief.
  • He is obsessed with being the cause of winning to a pathological degree, refusing to take any losses in business or in his relationships.

However, when faced with a competent adversary who can match him in strategy, he often overextends himself and causes more damage to himself and his business by doing so. His constant fixation on always being the winner also causes him to play more and more short term, as Taylor notices with his battles with Chuck, and doing so will likely end up costing him dearly. A psychiatrist by trade, Wendy Rhoades combines an avid intellect with a keen understanding of human nature. She used those skills to help Bobby Axelrod build his hedge fund from the ground up and now works as the company’s star in-house performance coach.

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The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on As a mother and wife, she would do anything for her family. While Akerman was drawn to her character’s strength, she also connected to Lara’s story of an outsider who is making her way to the top.

It would have been interesting to have her on the show. With all the storylines happening, Season 5 could have seen a jolt with a Lara re-entry. June Raichlein , the widow of Rake Raichlen, one of Axe’s partners at the hedge fund that he worked at prior to Axe Capital, writes a book and one of the chapters is on Axe that would put him in a bad light and legal trouble. Lara’s mission sees her ruin June’s world — a cancelled registration from her Barre class, tee time in a spot and her son’s college admission to Stanford declined. Hadera is known for the Oldboy remake and Chi-Raq and played Carmen Febles in the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero.

For the first two seasons of Billions, Bobby’s domestic life was a consistent segment of the show’s action. After a day of high-powered manipulations, he’d speed down the highway toward Connecticut, where there was frequently drama of another sort. Lara and Bobby used their enormous closets as war rooms, where they carried out strategic discussions about a) familial obligations or b) holding onto their fortune. These scenes were essential reminders of Bobby the Man, not just Bobby the Man of Industry. The way she is dressed overall shows she is professional, caring and glamorous all at the same time accentuating the fact.