We are very thankful, that we got acquainted with a really strong partner, which has a high level of expertise in the fintech field, development, and other IT tools for payouts. Since that time we have been connected to 8 PSPs and more than 15 payout methods – so, everything that we needed – is extremely covered by Corefy. We reduce the burden of development, IT, and infrastructure services costs, allowing you to focus on your core business. Bring your brand and colours to the payment page design and give your customers a familiar buying experience on the web and mobile. Relatively Affordable payment solutions When compared to other payment solutions.

white label payment gateway

Our payment gateway services provide your merchants with an all-encompassing payment strategy for their business. Take advantage of a multi-layered defense against fraud that uses advanced analytics and innovation to reduce fraudulent charges. FroogalPay is a user-friendly Virtual Terminal/Invoicing System/Pay Now Button platform for merchants that turbocharges how 135+ payment gateways process credit cards and ACH. Your sales expertise and connections are important because FroogalPay sells through you. FroogalPay relies on your talent to place our software into the hands of merchants. This is a payment platform for developers who are looking to create secure payment experiences for retail, eCommerce, and business applications.


This also means you will have the freedom to set up your very own brand, market it and get visibility rather than living under someone else’s shadow. You will have control over customer experience, and how you want to service them, which means direct customer acquisition. You can also find a range of value-added functions in payment gateways allowing merchants to easily manage their business and transactions. These added features can be fraud detection, recurring billing, tokenization, PCI compliance, and more.

Its direct operator billing solution is available across 80 countries and can be used for both subscriptions and one-time purchases. It’s possible to adjust the payment page with the wanted content. Before you agree to use this method, it’s better to take into account a couple of things.

What’s white-label payment gateway software?

Besides, merchants can use different transaction types depending on the business’s needs. For instance, Ikajo offers payment transaction & cancellation, payouts , recurring payments & subscriptions. The latter manages all transactions automatically once the customers set time intervals and agree to the fee structure. When choosing a partner for the white label payment gateway, a business owner must realize that not all of them are created equally well.

If that’s so, opting for a white-label solution can be the way to go. The system can be a real gem for merchants willing to fully automate their payment flow. Besides, they state that the integration of their platform will help the merchants grow their turnover and skyrocket customer loyalty. And they are more tuned to the needs of bigger businesses rather than smaller enterprises. Obviously, there are plenty of advantages to Akurateco’s payment gateway. And while this translates into more flexibility and ability to adjust to the needs of specific customers, it also translates into fewer integrations and smaller acquiring networks.

white label payment gateway

It is a fully customized and tested solution deployed on your domain. To sum up, all of these White-Label Payment Gateway Service Providers white label payment gateway will help your business reach the zenith faster. However, every service provider has advantages and disadvantages for the merchants.

PCI DSS Complaint

You are enjoying benefits like high ROI, the provision of innovative and practical payment solutions, and a strong brand reputation. We offer a turnkey payment solution for https://xcritical.com/ rent for companies operating in various business areas. All you need is to develop your business, organize the operational part, and start earning using our solution.

white label payment gateway

Whether you are a merchant or a reseller shopping around various white-label payment solutions, you need to know your options. The market keeps on growing thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping. And with it grows the number of white-label software providers. And while our opinion might still be slightly bias, we did our best to stay impartial when equipping you with full information.


PAYMENTZ Platform provides state of the art, white label payment gateway solution – an essential infrastructural component in the card-not-present industry. By being your access point to the global market, PAYMENTZ Platform represents your bridge between merchants and financial institutions. Throughout world history, India and Mumbai were vital centers of trade – PAYMENTZ retains that culture by enabling global transactions in an extremely secure environment. PAYMENTZ is passionate about delivering high-quality services and also striving to constantly development of systems and tools in order to establish new benchmarks in the industry.

PayPipes tokenizes and stores card data in PayPipes secure vault. The White Label Payment Gateway Platform applies dozens of fraud rules and external partners’ fraud engines for every processed transaction. Paymentz.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. We see Spell as a Formula 1 pit stop for payment businesses, where they can update their vehicle at light-speed and get back on track to win the race. Like Stripe, you may need some developer experience to get the most out of the API, but customer support can assist with more basic customization. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

It’s worth mentioning that our payment traffic has multiplied several times since we started with the platform, and it easily fulfils our needs as we scale and enter new geographies. During this time, we’ve connected dozens of various integrations and solutions, brought to life some joint projects. Namely, Corefy was our technical partner in the launch of UAX. Monitor your company’s financial health with our fully-equipped accounting software.

  • A white label payment gateway is a payment gateway system that lets a business owner or a brand to process payments using their official name while using third-party services.
  • Our Payment Gateway software allow transaction as per PCI DSS Guidelines.
  • Scale your POS or payment business with a single global payment platform in 70+ countries and 60+ payment methods online, mobile or in-store.
  • White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions providers like WLPayments have the expertise and capability to provide the latest innovative technology to simplify online payments.
  • What are the expected costs to set up a white label payment gateway ?
  • Securely accept payments online and keep your business and your customers protected at all times.

As a global payment provider, we offer an extensive list of payment methods. All the major e-wallets, cryptocurrency, remittance systems, and local credit cards of 177 countries are on the list. We guarantee a 20% increase in transaction approval ratio thanks to the high-end technology distributing declined transactions between different connectors.

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If necessary, our team adds new integrations without the need for your intervention. The PayAdmit team performs maintenance, support, development of new modules, and integration of new payment solutions/providers into your system. This allows you to save a lot on developing or purchasing your own payment solution.

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Let’s look at a few examples by reviewing the most popular companies that offer best-quality services. A white label gateway may be right for you if you want to offer payment processing to your customers as part of your business. If you work on a subscription model, you need a flexible payment solution that allows you to accept payments from customers seamlessly.

The payment gateway provider must be able to offer you the liberty to get anyone on board and do business with them. Businesses are looking for solutions that are able to meet the changing needs of their customers, such as providing multiple payment options, mobile payments, and real-time transaction processing. Payrix is on a mission to be the global leader in embedded payments for vertical software businesses. Ensure that the provider allows you to market their services under your own name. If they extend their services to your customers but they require you to retain their name and branding, they’re not a true white label gateway.

Payment gateways equip the merchants with interfaces and tools to collect the information for credit card transactions from the customers. Most of the gateways offer APIs that enable the websites, business software, mobile applications, and POS device to connect and send transactions right to the payment gateway for authorization. Make use of the comparison tools above to organize and sort all of the white label payment gateways products available.

White Label Payment Gateway Solution

Manage balances, currencies, chargebacks, and more within one service. Create your own eCommerce global payment gateway with Crassula. Providing payment processing services to merchants requires your gateway to comply with a range of standards. For example, it takes time and money to get PCI compliance validation and undergo yearly audits to reaffirm it.

All our solutions are perfect for both payment service providers and for online businesses that sell their goods and services to customers. Let’s say, for example, that you operate your own ecommerce website builder. With a traditional payment gateway, you can accept payments online for everyone who uses your platform to build and host their business website. But if you use a white label gateway, you can also enable those customers to accept credit card payments on the ecommerce sites they build. If you are running an e-commerce website builder, for example, a traditional payment gateway enables you to collect payment online from anyone who utilizes your platform to develop and host a company website.